Recently ten graduate students from the University of Delaware were hosted by the Mauricetown Historical Society and local Society members when they spent time conducting architectural documentation of many of the historic buildings in the village.

    The students worked under the supervision of Dr. Rebecca Sheppard, Acting Director of the Center for Historic Architecture and Design (CHAD); Co-Director of the Masters’ in Historic Preservation program and CHAD research assistant Catherin Morrissey.

    Two weeks were spent conducting research about the buildings, the village history and measuring, documenting and drawing each building noting unique architectural styles and features. Using tape measures, ladders, cameras and string lines, they investigated every aspect of the buildings’ interiors and exteriors.

In addition, they interviewed local residents, poured over historical documents and artifacts on file at the Edward Compton House Museum.  They also spent time researching deeds and pertinent information on file in the Cumberland County government offices in Bridgeton.

    Primarily this project, which will be completed over the academic year, will lead to a Masters’ degree in historic preservation. Students will return throughout the year to refine their findings and continue their interviews and research.

    A secondary benefit of their work will offer support for the Vernacular Architecture Forum which will be held in May of 2014 in Atlantic City.  Participants will have the opportunity to see the students' work firsthand when they visit Mauricetown as part of their tour of Cumberland County.

    Michael Chiarappa, Associate Professor of History, Quinnapiac University is the liaison for the Vernacular Architecture Society and was instrumental in connecting the University of Delaware program with the Mauricetown Historical Society.


U of Delaware Project

University of Delaware graduate student, Gabby Vicari detailing the cupola of the Capt. Isaac Peterson House during recent Mauricetown Field School experience.

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